Most consumers would be shocked to learn that cosmetics companies can put just about any chemical in cosmetics, no matter how dangerous. It’s been 80 years since Congress last passed cosmetics law.

In this 5 minute fun animation, we will walk you through how many chemicals the USA consumer may be exposed to that are simply not allowed in Europe. There are 1,328 ingredients on the ‘EU banned list’, meaning they can’t ever be used in any products in all of Europe. In the USA, 1,320 of these banned ingredients are allowed to be used in the USA ! Only 8 ingredients on this EU list are banned for use in USA . All DermOne Skincare products on the website, and those to come, will never contain EU banned ingredients. Your safety, whilst still providing you with products that offer real, transformative results, is always at the heart of how we do business.

There’s a lot of hype around the word ‘clean’ right now. Whether it’s clean eating or clean beauty, but what do we actually mean by clean?

Check out our list of EU and US banned ingredients and we've also included The Beauty Watch List to give you a helping hand in understanding what's what.

The EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) was adopted in January 2003
and most recently revised in 2013

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Cosmetics industry crushes bill that would have made makeup and hair products safer. 

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DermOne Skincare Has Been Approved to Endorse and Support a bipartisan Senate bill, reintroduced by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), namely, the Personal Products Safety Act,

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Innovation That Delivers Wellbeing

DermOne Skincare is proud to partner with our sister company, Cosmetic Research Laboratories, this  British-led Research and Development firm is built on the power and passion of plant-based technology. For over 22 years, CRL has been championing green chemistry . Every product is designed in-house to EU standards, which are recognized globally as the safest and most stringent in the world.  Utilizing functional medicine principles with an emphasis on ingredient transparency, they have won numerous innovation awards throughout the years, in addition to their products being used by prominent doctors, many of whom have books on the  New York Times Best Seller List. They are well versed with organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan standards.

Our scientific-based product launches are the culmination of organizational focus, a commitment to research and product development in accordance with European Cosmetic Regulations, creative marketing, excellence in leadership and an understanding of how products can have a profoundly positive effect on consumers’ lives.

DermOne Skincare has been able to fill a gap and satisfy consumers who want authentic, healthy, affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly beauty products that don’t compromise quality or performance. Because we manufacture and own the exclusive right to all our formulas, we can offer unparalleled value to our customers and business partners.

With a history of focusing on skin-health boosted via plant-based ingredients, we also promote the importance that the skin microbiome plays. Much more is known about how prebiotics work in our gut than anywhere else in our bodies. Interestingly, the potential benefits of topically applying prebiotics to the surface of the skin has uncovered a new perspective in the treatment of many skin conditions, including accelerated aging. By helping stimulate the growth of protective bacteria, while inhibiting unwanted bacteria, this concept demonstrates a longer-lasting action due to the rebalancing of healthy-skin microflora.

We grow our own botanicals, support dozens of farmers internationally guaranteeing that our ingredients and finished products are devoid of any toxins harmful to human health and the environment. Various accreditations including the following are also mandatory for us: UK Soil Association Organic Standards, USDA Organic, French Ecocert Organic Organization, EU COSMOS, Fairtrade, Leaping Bunny, British Association of Cold Pressed Oil Producers (BACPOP), Kosher standard with the London Beth Din and ISO 9001:2000 ISO 22716 (GMP), The Royal Horticultural Society, Society of Cosmetic Scientists and The Institute For Functional Medicine. To learn more about Cosmetic Research Laboratories, please view the website.

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