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Larissa Chapman

Larissa Chapman


Cleansing is a key part of your daily skincare ritual (if it isn’t it really should be!) and for good reason… it removes impurities, tightens pores and provides the perfect environment and base for your skin to absorb goodness from your other skincare products.

That said, many people don’t get the most from their daily cleanse and tumble into common cleansing pitfalls, but there are a few simple hacks that will ensure you’re cleansing like a pro.

1. Take your time

We know what it’s like at the end of a busy day when you just want to collapse into bed, but gifting yourself and your skin just that little extra “me time” could make all the difference.

Research suggests the average person cleanses for just 20 seconds, which isn’t long enough for your skin to take in all the lovely nutrients from your fave cleanser.

Upping your session to one minute could transform your skin. Use your fingertips or a clean face cloth to massage your cleanser into your neck, cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead and around your eyes carefully and thoroughly.

This motion will stimulate the removal of toxins, increase blood flow and boost oxygen circulation and those extra few seconds really will make all the difference. If you can afford the time, repeat the process once more….aka double-cleansing.

2. Cleanse am & pm

It’s a common myth that cleansing in the morning removes all the good your moisturizer has done to your skin overnight. Na-ah! Cleansing in the morning wipes away the sweat, sebum and dead skin that accumulate as you slumber.

Repeat your nighttime ritual once more when you wake for silky smooth skin and a perfect base for your makeup!

3. Water is not enough

While we’re all for keeping things as close to nature as possible, water alone isn’t enough to remove those daily impurities. Any of the cleansers on will give you that perfect 10 cleanse.

4. Wipes away

Cleansing wipes might be a simple solution to your cleansing needs, but sadly they’re not nearly good enough and rarely remove all impurities. They’re better than nothing as a short-term solution when out and about, but they shouldn’t be your daily go-to. Always opt for a cleansing wash with clean, running water instead.

5. Consider pH

Soap has a very alkaline pH level, so using it as a cleanser for your acidity-loving skin isn’t ideal. Soap can further dry out dry skin and cause oily skin to become oilier as it strives to counteract the drying effect of the soap. Higher pH levels also create a haven for bacteria, so always opt for mildly acidic products like those on

6. Clean those cloths

Fresh, clean face cloths and un-bleached muslin are heavenly and will help to give you a much deeper clean; they’re also a tired person’s best friend as they make cleansing light work. However, once you’re done, leave them to air dry and pop them in the wash the following day – a damp cloth is a haven for bacteria and you don’t want to put that back on your skin.

7. Be gentle

Think you have problem skin so need to use harsh products? Think again. Products that are mildly acidic with natural fruit enzymes and acids are best – these penetrate pores easily and do a great job of cleaning them out leaving skin refreshed and comfortable. After cleansing, immediately apply your serum. Harsh products will only make troublesome skin more unruly.

8. Don’t scrub

Avoid these like the plague! The harsh particles in facial scrubs scratch and irritate your skin. If you like to feel exfoliated, use micro mineral powders from ingredients like freshwater pearl combined with fruit and sugar acids or natural salicylic acid, for optimal results.

9. Keep it fresh

Always wash with clean, running water and avoid filling up the sink and using water from the bowl – it contains dirt and bacteria you’ve just removed. While you can cleanse in the shower, make sure the water is cool and not too powerful – try cupping it in your hand and gently rinsing your face.

10. Go electric?

For some, it’s the ultimate grooming gadget, for others, a potential skincare hazard. Dermatologists have found that the slight physical exfoliation from cleansing brushes won’t be anywhere near as effective as a good quality cleanser and a clean cloth. Overuse can lead to broken capillaries, excessive dryness, irritation, redness, and sensitivity. Other face cleansing brush sins: Using it too frequently, sharing with family, using it in combination with a manual or chemical exfoliant, or not cleaning it thoroughly. Happy cleansing to all you beautiful goddesses☺

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