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Larissa Chapman

Larissa Chapman


Having written previously about my love for a nourishing homemade banana facemask and my awe at how natural, zesty lemons chelated my hair beautifully, it’s probably no surprise to hear that I’m a big fan of the odd DIY beauty product. 

Of course, for everyday use, I love and trust in my well-researched, scientifically formulated skin and hair care products, particularly from Derm.One. However, every so often I like to try something completely natural to see how it compares.

So… my latest venture is an egg white and Manuka honey facemask.

With my crow’s feet starting to look ever more prominent, I turned to trusty Google to look for solutions and discovered overwhelming praise for egg whites (go figure!).

How does it work?

According to all kinds of wonderful research, eggs contain an abundance of vitamin A. This wonder vit is said to bring serious moisture and hydration to your skin. It protects your skin’s layers, speeding up healing and preventing breakouts. Not only this, but eggs also contain a pretty cool protein called albumin, which helps to clear and tighten pores.

These nutritional powerhouses are also said to help firm and tighten skin and promote elasticity (music to my ears!). Add to this the nourishing, anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka honey and you’re onto a winner.

My recipe

With such glowing reviews, I decided to give said egg white mask a whirl. I began by separating two eggs. I’m no chef, so this was easier said than done, but I got there in the end.

After gathering my two egg whites – minus the yolks – in a small bowl, I whisked vigorously with a hand-held whisk until the whites were soft and fluffy and made peaks.

Next, I warmed a jar of Manuka honey between my hands before adding a generous, heaped teaspoon to my perfectly fluffy peaks.

I then folded the two together to make one smooth, silky mixture.

Next, I washed and dried my hands thoroughly before scooping and smoothing the mixture onto my clean, dry, make-up-free face.

I left the mask on for about 15 minutes until dry. The process felt really weird; as the formula dried it began to pull tightly on my skin – it felt as though I was wearing a tight, high ponytail or up-do. I was a little disconcerted at first as it felt as though the mask was drying my skin out – the opposite of what I wanted to achieve. However, I persisted, and after about 15 minutes, washed it off in clean, tepid water.

The results

After patting my face dry, I looked up into the mirror and I was so impressed with the results. Far from being dry, my face looked plump and rosy with an almost glossy finish. My crow’s feet and frown lines appeared smooth and minimized. Of course, it’s not a permanent fix, but I was impressed with the difference it made.

Applying my moisturizer and foundation that evening was effortless – it glided on so smoothly and gave me a radiant boost. What’s more, it probably cost less than two dollars to make. Not bad, huh?

While I would always advocate tried and tested skincare for everyday use, as a one-off treat (when you have the time and inclination to execute) using 100 per cent natural ingredients can have surprising benefits.

To your health dear friends!

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