For every product purchased, we generously donate to causes you care about most.

How We Give Back. Charities hold a special place in our hearts and we have three beautifully simple initiatives:  Charity Checkout and Charity Affiliate are detailed here. We also consider product donations, please contact us to start a discussion. 

Charity Checkout

You select the organization you want to support from a list of charities detailed below at checkout.  If none of these meet your goals please email us.  A generous percentage from your total purchase (net of sales tax) will go directly to that cause. This is how donations are calculated…

  • 10% of each sale on purchases up to $100
  • 15% of each sale on purchases up to $200
  • 20% of each sale on purchases of $201 and above

Charity Affiliate

This option earns even greater donations for purchases made by their followers through a unique tracking website. There is no cost to the charity– to learn more, please see Charity Enrollment on this page link,  Become a Brand Partner!

There aren’t too many things that fulfill our heart and soul more than the feeling of helping a person in some positive way. We’re all experiencing LIFE together and as we know too well, it isn’t always an enjoyable ride. That’s why we look forward to welcoming more charities and helping each other along the way.

International Charities

National Charities

Nashville Charities