Understanding Your Dashboard

Click on each tab for instructions

Here you can create your custom tracking url links for any DermOne page or product using our Custom Referral URL Link Generator.

For example you can share a blog story or specific product. Simply copy and paste the URL of your favorite subject into this box, then share your link with your followers and when they click and buy, you earn!

Here you can update contact and notification Settings.

You can also create tracking links embedded with your name, we call these 'Custom Slugs'.

View customer orders generated from your tracking links or creatives banners embedded with your tracking code. You will also see sales made by any sponsored affiliates.

If no orders have been placed, you will see the following message: "There are currently no order details to display."

Shows the contents of the affiliate area’s statistics tab.

Here you can get a quick overview of what’s going on in your affiliate account regarding Referrals, Earnings and Campaigns.

Shows the contents of the affiliate area’s graphs tab.

Here you can visualize Referral Graphs by day, month, quarter or year.

Shows the contents of the affiliate area’s referral payouts tab.

Here you can see you all the payments that have been sent to you.

Shows the contents of the affiliate area’s visits tab.

Here you can check every link to https://derm.one/ using your referral URL. It shows you the page they linked to, how they got to that page, whether they actually bought something, and when they accessed the page.

The 'Converted' column is particularly useful because you know if the customer purchased something during that visit if a checkmark appears there. You can use this information to determine what Referral URLs and placements are producing the best results.

Shows the contents of the affiliate area’s lifetime customers tab.

Here you can see all your customers that are considered to be Lifetime, meaning you will receive a commission on all future purchases by your customers listed in this section.

View your team structure.

Over 100 creative banners embedded with your tracking link. Many are gifs that really catch the eye! Just copy and paste the HTML code and embed into your website or blog.

There is an option to simply download the image to your desktop files, but once downloaded, the tracking link will be lost, so be sure to promote add your tracking link when using a downloaded banner.

Here you can read some of the most Frequently Asked Questions such as: 

  • How do I embed creative banners in my marketing?
  • How do I add banners into my Social Media?
  • What is the affiliate program?
  • What are some of the rewards and incentives?
  • When should I expect to receive my commission payout?
  • Where should I display my tracking link?
  • What are the Affiliate Disclosure Requirements on Social Media?

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