Open a Wholesale or Community Thought Leader™ Account

Want to partner with us? Whether your a healthcare practitioner,  a Community Thought Leader™,  we have a plan for you. Earn generous rewards for you and your favorite causes/charities, when you share our products with your fans and friends and a purchase is made using our free web based  tools.  By the way,  we are not in any way, a multi-level operation.  See FAQ’s

*Community Thought Leader™

You’re an artist, actor, performer, influencer, or entrepreneur who has worked hard at building your social relationships by being actively engaged. You are interested in being rewarded and also supporting your favorite charity. You love that no selling is involved and are simply sharing products from a company you believe in .  Click here for FAQ’s

How It Works

  • Apply for an account.
  • No cost to join.  No Inventory to buy.
  • Promote products  to your audience using your unique website or tracking link.
  • When a purchase is made, you will earn a commission.
  • Earn every time the same customer returns to buy.
  • Enjoy discounts on personal purchases.
  • Participate in joint promotions.

Wholesale Enrollment

You’re a rockin’ doctor, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, medical esthetician, or medical spa who want the safest health and wellness products for your patients and clients to use.

How It Works

  • Join over 1,000 doctors who buy wholesale and stock in their practice office.

  • We can also drop-ship to your clients.  

  • Setting up an account is fast, free and easy.  Must be licensed to qualify.  Normal wholesale margins apply.

Charity Enrollment

You are a nonprofit 501c3 organization looking to raise funds. Participating in our Band Together Donation Program helps boost results by social-sharing a unique tracking link.


How It Works

  • Sign up to receive unique website.

  • No joining or on-going costs. It’s free. 

  • Promote to your audience.

  • When a purchase on, we can see it’s come from you.

  • Your entity will receive a generous donation based on the gross purchase price.

  • Forever Donations – Once a follower sets up an account, they will be a Lifetime Customer linked to your entity