Clear Skin Renew + Protect Regimen

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Our complete best value acne fighting and anti-aging regimen! This regimen includes our natural moisturizer with spf 30. Effective for treating mild to moderate acne for all age groups when used as directed twice a day, morning and night. Contains are patented Prebiotic Activ Technology extract.  A perfect more natural. yet effective alternative to brands that use benzoyl peroxide which has been shown to cause dry, flaky of burning sensations as reported by the FDA and many dermatologists.  Use year round for best results and is highly recommended. Contents are typically designed to last 4 weeks. Only available on subscription at 4, 6 or 8 week intervals at this incredible value, change future ship dates or cancel at any time.

STEP 1 – Detoxifying Cleanser (60ml / 2 fl oz)

STEP 2 – Dual Action Serum (30ml / 1 fl oz)

STEP 3 – DayPROtect Cream SPF30+ (30ml / 1 fl oz)

STEP 4 – Zapper (10ml / 0.33 fl oz)

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Q: I don’t have dry skin; do I need a system with a moisturizer in it?

Moisturizing locks in essential moisture and protects skin against environmental aggressors, regardless of skin type. If you leave this step out you might experience redness or flaking and in time, wrinkles will appear earlier than expected.

Q: Does a system make acne go faster?

The cleanser preps the skin to accept active ingredients, the serum repopulates good bacteria and suppresses inflammation, the moisturizer replenishes much needed essential fatty acid levels and the zapper targets infected breakouts. This is what we call a synergistic effect, which means the interaction of all the products in this system have a far greater benefit to skin than just using one individual product.

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  1. Tom A, Cupertino

    The perfect combo to keep blemishes away. Since reading other reviews, I also tried blending the SPF with the serum and it worked. It lets me decide whether I want a lighter or thicker coverage depending on the weather. .

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