Two-Step All-Natural Acne Regimen w/ Zit Zapper

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$90.00 available on subscription from $76.50 every 4 weeks


STEP 1 – Multifruit Enzyme Cleanser with Prebiotics (1.69 fl oz / 50 ml)

STEP 2 – Skin Perfecting Serum with Prebiotics (1.014 fl oz / 30 ml)

STEP 3 – Skin Perfecting Blemish Corrector with Prebiotics (0.3 fl oz / 10 ml)

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4 reviews for Two-Step All-Natural Acne Regimen w/ Zit Zapper

  1. Shirleigh H

    I used to purchase PROACTIV for my acne, but after a few days my skin would get inflamed and flaky. My doctor recommended this system and at first I was really skeptical as they claim the prebiotics help control the acne causing bacteria. I probably shouldn’t have doubted as much as I did because this actually did work. The cleanser really deep cleans my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling uncomfortable. The acne serum is quite luxurious (no smell) and goes straight into skin. Then for any pesky pimples I apply the blemish corrector and I have witnessed spots going over night from this stuff. I’ve actually ordered just this for my son who gets the odd pimple and I know it’s something he will use because it doesn’t look like a medicated product which embarrasses him.

    Shirleigh H, Seattle

  2. Alana V

    My skin has been as clear as a bell since using this system. It took about 2 weeks to fully clear up my acne and even though my skin is now clear, I continue to use because my skin simply loves the ingredients and I see how healthy it looks.

    Alana V, Chicago

  3. dr wendy warner

    Ok, this is coming from someone who wears no makeup, doesn’t color her hair, doesn’t even have any piercings: all of us need to take better care of our skin. Skin care products typically have a TON of nasty ingredients, the least of which is gluten. And yes, we absorb it all through our skin. I’ve found a line of products that are herbal-based, work really well, and are a reasonable cost. The creator of this line is a UK-based herbalist. I like these products so much that I decided to carry them at the office. There is one line for “older” skin (that would be me!) and one for acne-prone skin.
    Dr. Wendy Warner

  4. dr ron hoffman

    I searched high and low for a healthy, effective, safe topical product for my patients until I stumbled across DermOne and SkinSanity; commercial acne products like those you see heavily advertised on TV and in magazines may provide relief from blemishes but their ingredients scare me. These clean products cleanse and disinfect skin with natural ingredients such as pine, black currant, meadowsweet, bilberry, lemon, orange, and willow bark.
    Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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